Ratings of Things in my Apartment


Floor – It stops things from falling to lower floors. Parts of it are shiny. 8/10

Windows – They allow the looking at of stuff outside. Much more interesting than blank walls. Often dirty. 9/10

Blank Walls – They are kind of boring, but separate different areas from each other, which is important. 6/10

Decorated Walls – Nicer to look at and still usefully divide things. 8/10

Bed – A better place to sleep than most others. 7.2/10

Ceiling – Like the floor, but for the person above me. Except that this is the highest floor, so not really. Less shiny, but also blocks rain. 8/10

This will probably be continued.

Today’s experiment… Failed


Moving my blog to Blogspot seemed like a good idea at the time, but I think I like WordPress better. I was getting far more page views over there, but no comments from anyone. Also, the templates weren’t as good.

Therefore, I will move my new posts back here and probably stop using the other one. There are not many new posts because I’ve been busy with other things. Those other things will likely be posted about here very soon. Probably by me.

edit: I felt the need to change something, so now the theme is different.

Part 1.


Hi! Thanks for letting me in. This will only take take a moment. My name is Brudleheith Blunchnock. Nock for short. I’m here to tell you about flags. You like flags, right? Flags are the best. That is why I sell them. I only sell things that are the best and I sell flags. You can do so many things with them! You can decorate your home. You can decorate the outside of your home. You can decorate something else. You can show pride in your country. You can show pride in some other country. You can show pride in whatever you want! You can alert passersby of almost anything. You can be a passerby and alert non passersby of almost anything. And many more uses! All because you have a flag! You want one, don’t you? I have several popular designs here or I can take your order for a custom flag of whatever you want. You want something right? Yes I know you live in a swamp. All my customers do. Flags and swamps go together spectastically. You agree, right? You say your neighbors don’t have flags? Well they should. You can be the first and show them the error of their non-flag having ways. They are the best. Still don’t believe me? I’ll tell you a story about one of my best customers. Flags changed his life. You don’t want to hear it? I’ll be back later then. Think about it. Think about flags.