Opinion #4 of 9


You are wrong.  I’m generally open-minded about things like this, but there’s no way I could consider what you’re suggesting.  I’m sure you would understand if you had thought about it at all, but you clearly haven’t, so I’ll explain myself.

1.  The average pig is not nearly tall enough.

2.  Where would you find that much helium?

3.  How can you know for sure that it will rain on the 17th?

4.  Why is this even a good idea?

If you can answer all of these questions satisfactorily, then I may reverse my position.  Until then, I’m not helping.


5 thoughts on “Opinion #4 of 9

  1. r

    You are right. Me, specifically speaking, is keen to keep me nose buried in a book such that me eyes cannot see past me nose much at all. And so though I must dismiss what you imply, whatsover you imply, simply because me be contrarian. The more this thought turns in me noggin the less me knows true.

    Your explanations are convincing despite me density. Even so, comments on your queries coalesce as follows: eventually bionics will bring all those bound by duty to serve and protect fully upright and erect; the sun; all primes reign eternal; oddly enough, all ideas, even bad ones, are (in part) good in that they are copies of a Platonic form.

    You may not be satisfied, but already you have helped more than you may know.

  2. No, I am actually satisfied with these answers. Mostly.
    I still have some reservations with the third problem. Primes do reign eternal, definitely, but how can we know that primes will choose rain over some other weather pattern?
    The mind of prime numbers are unknowable.

  3. snoopy'sbird

    These questions can not be substantiated in a court of Law, therefore, I offer my own:
    1) On what planet is toe lint woven into the fabric of Royalty?
    2) Why do why what where and when begin with a w, while how is left to begin with the lowly h?
    3) While swimming with sharks, how to you keep from getting your pant-hems caught in their teeth?
    4) What is the sound of one deaf ear hearing?
    5) And finally, why can’t I think of any really good or funny questions?

    I will follow you forever. Goodbye.

    • I’m not sure what these have to do with what were discussing, but OK.
      1) All of them, except for the planets where fabric is not royal.
      2) You are mistaken. H is a great letter.
      3) Brush the shark’s teeth after they’ve finished eating you.
      4) Yes.
      5) Because you are a bird and birds can’t talk.

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