Concept for Possible Use in Something Later: Sloth People

The Sloth People are not actually related to sloths or people, but are so named because they act somewhat like both.  Like sloths, they spend much of their time eating, climbing, and sleeping in trees.  Like humans, they have the capacity for communicating verbally.  They think mostly about the daily needs of their slothful lives, but in all the time they spend resting, much deep philosophical pondering occurs.  Such big ideas are expressed via complicated metaphors involving food and sleep.
Useful phrases for travelers:
I like this tree.
Uh yit anch
I = uh
like = yit
tree = anch
this = no equivilent; specified only by context
Are you tired?
Eh phtu hi
you = eh
tired = phtu
? = hi
We should sleep in that tree
Uheh phtut anch ya
We = I and You = uheh
sleep = verb form of tired = phtut
In/at/[location] = ya
I don’t like this food.
Uh moyit ulch
negation = mo
food = ulch
Don’t eat that!
Eh mo-ulcht ulch bin
eat = verb form of food = ulcht
! = bin
You don’t like when I sleep on the food, do you?
Eh moyit uh phtut ulch ya hi
I hate when you sleep on the food!
Uh moyit eh phtut ulch ya bin
This is my tree!
Anch eh-anch bin

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