-The Day of Green Years-

[note:  I just found this while looking at the ‘Middle and Highschool docs’ folder of my backup hard-drive.  It’s a little disturbing to me because it shows that my writing hasn’t really changed at all in the eleven years since it was written.  Maybe that’s OK…]
-The Day of Green Years-
At the time of East,
In the age of the Thriste,
There were a great many teeth,
That would bite upon plistes.
Those who swallowed those people,
Which plistes were back then,
Would face a far worse result,
Than eating a hen.
For in those good stomachs,
Behind the cruel teeth,
The plistes would cause nightmares,
Beyond your belief.
During those long dreams,
The sorry beast feels,
As if they are crushed,
Under gallons of seals.
When they wake up,
They soon climb up large trees,
Where they spit out the pliste,
And then gargle old cheese,
So if you ever land,
In the age of the Thriste,
It will do you great good,
To avoid eating plistes.

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