In the Deep Deep Woods

Great Northern Diver or Common Loon (G. immer)...

Image via Wikipedia

in the deep deep woods
is a deep deep hole
full of deep deep thoughts
of a deep deep troll
with a fat fat dog
in a fat fat cage
chewing fat fat logs
in its fat fat rage
the hole had been dug
by the troll with his spoon
which he’d carved for himself
from the beak of a loon
the dog ate the loon
and wanted some more
but the deep deep hole
didn’t have a loon store
so the troll climbed above
and another bird sniffed
this loon had been sleeping
and was now rather miffed
‘you will give me your self
for my fat fat dog’
‘for it barks and it begs
and it stinks like a bog’
‘you will not take my self’
the incensed loon replied
‘I don’t care for your dog;
I wouldn’t mind if it died’
this was a revelation
for the troll who was deep
‘loons don’t wish to be eaten
and they think me a creep!’
he returned to his dog
in the deep deep hole
shared the deep deep news
and fed it some coal
plus another log.

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