Words I hope will become widely used eventually


Inscreptible:  It means whatever you want it to, according to the context.

Porkulent:  Corpulent and porky.  Apparently I am not the first to use this, but it’s such a great word that I would like to join it’s cause.

Dampth:  The degree to which something is damp and/or deep.

Warmblegrast:  Something you dislike.  Like a ‘thingy’ or ‘whatsisname’, but always negative.

Spleenblindingly:  Really, really [something].  Replaces ‘awesomely’, ‘enormously’, or other things that mean spleenblindingly.

Flanminder:  A person with the intelligence of a caramel custard.  May or may not also be an inscreptibly porkulent warmblegrast, but at great risk for becoming one.

Now, go use these words in conversation and report back by Monday.


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