Lack and the Potato Mine part 1


Long ago, but a relatively short distance away, lived a very rich and very fat boy named Lack.  He lived with Mother and Father (their real names, but also his parents) in a little house made of pure diamond.  Lack never understood the meaning of his name, since he lacked almost nothing.  In fact there was only one thing he wanted that his parents would not buy him.

A potato.

“They’re dirty and useless,” said Mother.

“Poor farmers and goats eat them,” said Father.  “We can eat poor farmers and goats instead.  What do you want a potato for?”

“It is the only thing I lack,” said Lack, “and I want one.”

He had never liked eating farmers and goats because, though he couldn’t be certain, he suspected that being eaten made them sad.  Lack wanted to eat something without emotions and he told Mother and Father this, but they only shrugged and tossed him another spleen.


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