Lack and the Potato Mine part 2


Lack begged and begged, but they would not listen, so he fell into a deep and unceasing sadness.  Potatoes would exist for Lack only in dreams, so he dreamed as much as he could, waking only when forced.

One day, Lack’s mother sent him to the nearby peasant village of Umbleheim to get some meat.  As fat and slow as Lack was, his parents were even fatter and slower.  He hoped that maybe he would find a potato on this errand, so he agreed to go.

As he walked, he hummed his favorite song, the Lumbery Sea and Me, and the trip to the village flew by like like a flying thing that flies quickly.  He had never been to the sea and didn’t know if it was lumbery or not, but he had always liked that song.

He spotted a delicious-looking peasant almost immediately and cast his peasant net.  The little old man (which it was) did not struggle, but looked at Lack without fear and said,

“My nem is Otch and ye will release me now cussai hev a thing ye want!”

Lack was thrilled.  “You have potatoes?”

“It’s be’er than potatoes!  I’ve a magically pointy stick. En ye ken have it!”

“Why would I want a pointy stick?” he asked confusedly.

“Ye stick it in’der ground before ye sleep and it grows inta whatever ya like!”

“Jaggity wintersheep, that sounds great!  Give it to me.”

And so, the net was emptied and packed away with the magically pointy stick while the old peasant named Otch skipped away, quietly chortling to himself.


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