Lack and the Potato Mine part 3


His parents were waiting in front of their house, drooling with anticipation for the impending stew.

“Lack is back with our dinner!” exclaimed Mother.

“I am hungry enough to eat a whole farm!” said Father.

As diamond-walled-home owning aristocrats, Mother and Father could afford as much food as food as they wanted, but as they ate and grew larger and larger, they also grew in hunger and sloth.  With each additional unit of largeness, they became slightly less inclined to do anything.  This is the cruel and inscreptible prank the gods play on all ridiculously large people to this day.

“What I’ve got is better.”  He showed them the stick.

“Son, you are well named.  You lack any sense at all,” said Mother.

“How will we eat this?  You have failed in your task and you must go to bed now.  We will eat you in the morning.” said Father.

Lack did as he was told, but on the way, he dropped the magically pointy stick, which landed point-down in the dirt.  No longer concerned with potatoes, Lack asked the stick simply for a means to escape.


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