Part 5 of Lack and the Potato Mine


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Fortunately, that challenge wasn’t much.  Like any wealthful child in Lack’s country, his dresser contained a handheld laser cutting tool.  It was the most exciting new toy in the land two years ago and he used to play with it daily.  But eventually, like all of his other toys, he tired of it and moved on to something else.  Maybe it would not be so neglected if he knew it would someday save his life.

It may have looked sort of like this.Lack lifted the cutter and pointed it at the wall in just the way he had formerly pointed it at cows, trees, and peasants.  He cut a perfectly door-shaped door just big enough for his massive self, which was quite massive.  As you surely remember, these walls were made of diamond, so this was a slow and tedious job.  Each cut required four laserings before completion.  If not for the adrenaline boost of trying to escape certain consumption, Lack would have been exhausted.

In the end, he gave his new door a light tap with his elbow and it fell outward, crashing to the ground without breaking, just as walls made of diamond always do.

Lack was unconcerned with the bodily damage that may have resulted from falling from fourth floor.  The roof was much higher and he jumped from there regularly.  The earth outside was especially earthy and not very hard.  Lack’s blubber was especially blubbery as well and he knew he would simply bounce when he landed as usual.


One thought on “Part 5 of Lack and the Potato Mine

  1. Robin

    I’d say this story lacks nothing! The antagonists are antagonistic and the victim is lovable and I can relate to him in all his hugeness. Can’t wait for part 6. Can’t you write faster? I won’t be able to sleep until I know if he fits in that hole!

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