Part 6 of Lack and the Potato Mine

English: Malevich. Black Circle

Image via Wikipedia

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As usual did not occur this time. Lack forgot about the diamond wall that now lay four floors below and acted as a diamond floor. He still bounced, but this time it kind of hurt. It probably hurt less than being eaten by Mother and Father, he reasoned grumpily as he limped toward the hole.
He wasn’t actually injured, but he thought limping was the right thing to do at such a time, so he did. This got boring and he dropped the limp and walked normally about half-way to the hole, which was about two meters from where he started and didn’t take long to reach.
Up close, it was even even more amazing than before.
For one, the opening was perfectly circular. Lack stopped being surprised when he remembered that it was created by a magically pointy stick and perhaps that’s just what holes made by magically pointy sticks are like.
The amazingness of the hole was further amaziated by the seeming lack of anything inside it. There was a circle on the ground… then nothing. It wasn’t even dark inside, nor was it light. Lack started to consider what this could mean for life, the universe, and everything, when he felt a gentle, yet impossibly forceful shove in the back of his knees and he fell into the nothing.


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