Lack and Part 7


Lack was convinced that this fall would be the end of his existence, but it felt like he only fell a few feet.  He landed with a gentle ‘splish’ in some sort of underground lake.  He closed his eyes and reflected on his unlikely survival. It seemed a miracle that he was still in one piece.

sort of, but not really

When he opened his eyes however, he was less sure of his fortune.  Upon coming to understand that was floating in a pool of solid wood, he was instantly ejected from it.  He was now sitting upon the most lumbery wave he had ever seen and wondering how that was even possible. It wasn’t, nor was it very comfortable to sit on, so he stopped wondering and began wandering.

The solid sea stretched as far as Lack could see in all directions.  Above him, though his fall had seemed short, stretched a vast and cloudless sky.  It was well-lit, yet not sunny.  The light was everything, but seemingly had no source.  In the distance, he noticed what looked like another person.  He made his way closer and saw that the little man looked familiar.


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