I am scared


This is entirely real and I wish it wasn’t.

There is some sort of invisible or well-camouflaged living thing in my apartment. Although hundreds of people have likely died in this apartment building over the years, I do not suspect ghosts. The noises it makes are not otherworldly.

It makes loud rustling sounds, like a raccoon, a rabbit, or a small goat. It would be easier to identify and/or find if it was visible or if it’s activities left any visible evidence, which they don’t. It could have been just the wind outside, but only if the sounds made by the wind somehow projected themselves into my kitchen without going through the space between there and the window first. I am grateful that I am leaving here for a few days starting tomorrow. I pray to the Holy Toast that it doesn’t return tonight and eat me in my sleep.


3 thoughts on “I am scared

  1. theforcethatthroughthegreenfusedrivestheflower

    Only if the Holy Toast does not answer your prayers and the thing that rustles eats you is the only way you are allowed to stop writing daily posts. I have spoken. Do not mess with the glass of tap water. You are mistaken. That water comes from the sea and has been through hell to be desalinated, dewaved and undropified for YOUR SAKE. So get your ass to the keyboard and keep posting. I am unwave-ering in my steadfast belief that you must continue, despite location changes, despite familial interference, despite rain drops form the sky. Sit. write. Post. Conquer.
    Glass of Tap Water

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