Lack and Part 9


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The landing this time a bit harder because he landed on pigs. Pigs look like they would be soft of squishy, but this is rarely the case. Pigs have hard bones. They have hard muscles. They have hard personalities when you fall on them.

These pigs were already uncomfortable as a consequence of being on top and/or under more pigs.

A herd of Large Black swine.

Image via Wikipedia

Lack found himself between five pigs two layers down. They were not especially dirty, but the smell was overwhelmingly piggish nonetheless.

Lack was normally an avid enthusiast of pork, but he very much did not enjoy being buried in it. His instinct told him, for once, not to chew and swallow, but to look straight up and climb to the top of the pile. Fortunately, the space between pigs was just enough to allow in breathable air. It remained unpleasant in fragrance, but was not toxic.

Lack’s struggle to reach the highest pig took him longer than he would have expected. It is impossible to say how long he expected it to take, since he didn’t expect to have to do it at all until it was too late.


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