Farewell Sturbwin


Nearly a month into his nocturnal siege on my kitchen and my sanity, the monster has been apprehended by a sticky piece of cardboard.

I am hopeful that others do not follow in his malevolently mousey footsteps, but only time will tell.

Lincoln's funeral on Pennsylvania Ave. (LOC)

Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr


2 thoughts on “Farewell Sturbwin

  1. snuzzlewit

    I am really sorry to hear this. He will die an awful death. Maybe you could swap out the sticky death trap for a cruelty free catch and release trap? This is a bad way to die. Sad news for poor Sturbin, and me too.
    😦 All living beings deserve a painless death. Stuck to glue in a trap, being tossed in the trash… sad… whaaaaaaaaa (crying)….

  2. I’m sorry that saddened you. I agree that pain is bad and I wish I could ensure that nothing has to experience it. Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources to turn my apartment into a mouse zoo and if I caught and released this mouse it would be painfully killed by something else soon after.

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