Lack and the Potato Mine: The Intermissionary Side-quel


I, your beloved narrator, will soon tell you what happened next to Lack in his magical, subterranean potato mine.

However, we first will visit another place, time, and set of characters. I’m the kind of narrator who’s allowed to do that.

It is now 312 years earlier in the village of Otchia, where all are named Otch. Every Otch is different, but they are united by their shared name and profession as magically pointy stick salesmen. We are watching a conversation between Otch and Otch through the eyes of a statue of Otch in the Otchia town square.

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“Otch, it was you!” says Otch.

“Aye, it is, though it is me in the present tense. I wish ye’d learn to use that like t’rest of es. Times change and so does our speakin’ words,” replies Otch.

“I see you didn’t know, but I spoke of the past because the past was continuing on.”

“It’s becomin’ the future. The past ends all te’ time, I say.”

“The future was the past too. That was why I called you here today, Otch. There was The Prophesy.”

“I am listenin’!”

“I expected that. I brought Otch here to help me explain it to you. She can use present and future tenses.”

Otch was standing directly behind Otch and now steps to the side.

Otch now begins to tell Otch and Otch of the prophesy made by Otch ages ago that foretold that in 312 years, there would be a ferocious and horrible family of Otch-eating trolls that would come in contact with one of the Otch. A giant boy troll would accept a pointy stick and spare Otch’s life and he would enter the mine in search of something that could change everything.

“What was his name?” asks Otch.

“It’s,” says Otch.

“going to be Wilhelm,” says Otch.

“and how will he change everything?” asks a different Otch from the one who asked the last question.

“The Prophesy doesn’t say,” answers Otch (I forget which).


One thought on “Lack and the Potato Mine: The Intermissionary Side-quel

  1. Bound to be a circular Mayan calendar hidden in there somewhere and Hopi Elders who look into the vacant eyes of the past and see the future. Or, if not the actual future, the future they’ll remember having predicted now this time next year.

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