Lack and the Potato Mine part 11 (click “lack” tag for previous chapters)

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The face in the tower was familiar, but Lack didn’t know for sure why. It just had the quality of familiarity to it and it isn’t always easy to know what that means. It may have just been someone with a familiar hat or a familiar pair of socks. This individual did not wear a hat and Lack couldn’t see his feet, but similar examples might apply.

Lack rode his current pig closer to the tower after naming him. The pig was now Hwoggenboggen, named after Lack’s favorite dessert (a pie made with trout custard and leopard bacon). Hwoggenboggen loved his new name and was happy to follow Lack’s commands. The pigs that Hwoggenboggen walked upon were less cooperative and often walked in other directions, so the short distance to the tower took a great deal more time than it should have.

When the door was in front of them, Lack was exhausted. He tried knocking before he realized that the mysteriously familiar face on the highest floor was probably the only person there. He did not know how he knew this, but he did.


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