Worst Ideas #4: A superhero comic series by me


I’m not sure if these are actually bad ideas or not. It’s just a bunch of character descriptions for a comic book that hasn’t been written or drawn yet, so I guess it could go either way.

Hobbyist Mailman – His (or her) superpower is deliver mail without being employed by the postal service and enjoying it greatly. People will get their letters sooner than expected, but will not notice who brought them.

The Jaywalker – Born with the unfortunate power to turn invisible while crossing the street in the wrong place or at the wrong time. Eventually learns to use it for the benefit of humanity (how she does this must be decided).

Mr. Many Pens – Mysterious villain who has large pen collection, used for something diabolical.

Professor Recently – Has already done whatever the writer says he is doing thirty-five minutes previously.

Mr. Eventually – Can magically extend deadlines. Has been in college for as long as anyone can remember.

The Baker – S/he bakes.

People Person – A person who appears to observers as several people. The illusion only works if you don’t know about it.

The Gerrymanderer – Can revise city limits by will alone. Clothes are a map of current location.

Cod-Walloper Bram – Fights crime by beating it with fresh fish.

Hooliganesque Ambient Fishmonger – Arch-nemesis of Cod Walloper Bram.  sells non-iced fish in a belligerant and disruptive manner.

Fictional Man – Can enter any fictional work and influence its events. A champion of the nonexistent and oppressed.



2 thoughts on “Worst Ideas #4: A superhero comic series by me

    • I haven’t watched the Gerald video yet. I hope I didn’t rip anyone off.
      Fictional Man is only fictional, but apparently, you are Professor Recently, so maybe not.

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