Opinion: We need more Narwhal Theme-parks.


Narwhales (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few days ago, there was an unusual spike in traffic to this blog (still too low for most sites to notice). Since the blog has less than three regular readers and there were zero posts that day, I investigated further. I found that at least one of the new visitors came through a Google search for “narwhal themeparks”. I don’t remember writing about narwhal themeparks, so I’m not sure how that led here, but I’m not complaining because it’s a great idea and I wish I’d thought of it first.
Narwhals, like most whale species, are endangered, so filling a park with them would probably not be very nice.
However, a theme park populated by animatronic narwhals could be both awesome and educational. Ideally, the park should appear to be completely underwater even if it’s technically dry. Actually building an underwater park might inconvenience some visitors who can’t swim or comfortably use bottled oxygen.

I will probably add to this post if I think of more to add to it.


7 thoughts on “Opinion: We need more Narwhal Theme-parks.

  1. knave

    how about animatronic narwhals in real water; visitors enter “observation pods” to explore the park. Guided scuba tours for the adventurous.

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  3. Never knew it before now, but I really want to go to a narwhal themed theme park! Mini submarines for those who can’t swim and diving bells for those who don’t like scuba gear. Place just needs a good name now. Narwhaland, World of Narwhals, Narwhalopolis…hmm could take some work

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