Opinion: Chlorofluorocarbons are the best


This is the first in a series of opinion posts on my favorite words. It is not about my favorite things, meaning I do not think chlorofluorocarbons are the best. I just really like the appearance and the sound of the word “chlorofluorocarbon“.

It has a large number of letters used for sounds that are not usually associated with those letters and I think that is just awesome. For example, in English, ‘ch’ usually makes a sound like in ‘cheese’ or ‘chutney’ or my first name, but not here! In toda

Words have a power all their own

Words have a power all their own (Photo credit: Lynne Hand)

y’s favorite word, it sounds like the ‘k’ sound at the beginning of ‘creature’ or ‘kink’ or ‘karaoke’. And ‘chloro’ is followed by ‘fluoro’, which rhymes, but looks like it wouldn’t at first. It’s half-way poetic without even being a whole word! There’s nothing all that interesting to me about the rest of the word, but I forgive it. Carbon is a pretty cool element, but as I said, the thing itself isn’t what makes my favorite words favorish.

I remember learning about CFC’s (a useful abbreviation) in middle school science class. They were thought to be destroying the ozone layer, which is why they are not used much anymore. I think I remember hearing that the hole in the ozone is mostly gone, which apparently hasn’t ended global warming. This is unfortunate, but doesn’t change the fact that ‘chlorofluorocarbon’ is a great word.

edit: There is still a hole, but it used to be bigger.


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