Notes on my Favorite Word Series


We are now on day two of my writing about words and I forgot something important. Why should you care what my favorite words are? I’m just some person from the Internet. For all you know, I am an amphibious green orangutan who happens to know how to to type. I will now answer this unasked question.

You should care what my favorite words are because my opinions are objectively true and these words are not everyone’s favorites only because most people are wrong. I’m not a god or anything, but I was a Communications major, so I know things like this.


4 thoughts on “Notes on my Favorite Word Series

  1. Hmmm…an amphibious green orangutan? I suppose you could be for all I know. After all, you are really supposed to be the slowest of all possible elevators, and it seems unlikely an elevator could type this. So the mere possibility that you could be an orangutan seems more likely compared to the elevator scenario.

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