Favorite Words #3: Ham


This is a word in English again and a word shorter than the previous two. It has several meanings, but none of them are relevant to this post. I think it just sounds good even though it’s only one syllable. It also rhymes with many other words and is worth more than most 3-letter words in Scrabble and Words With Friends.

I have eaten the meat preparation called ‘ham‘ before and I lack a strong opinion on it. It can be very tasty if done right, but I can think of at least two other swine derived foods that are better. I can think of worse as well, with even less difficulty.

A ‘ham’ can also be a kind of person, which I think I am not. I don’t necessarily hate this kind of ham either, though I am much less likely to eat it. While I think cannibals should be free to practice their culinary traditions in peace, I choose not to join them.

After I started writing this, I googled the word and found another acronymical meaning that I did not previously know.  Here it is. I’m not sure if this does or does not affect my enjoyment of the word. I might be able to form a more informed opinion if I knew exactly how hard a motherfucker is. Probably harder fluorite and softer than topaz, I’d guess.


3 thoughts on “Favorite Words #3: Ham

  1. adler

    that image of a pig slicing itself is soo funny!
    don’t forget about ham radio—that’s one of the ways people would interact before the internet.
    Ham is also a place.

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