FWV: Phlebotomy


This word has very narrow purpose and is not used in very many contexts other than medicine. This is a shame because it is such a beautiful word. Say it out loud to yourself and see if you agree. “PHLEBOTOMY.” If you work in a hospital, you can even say it in the presence of others, as long as you say it at the right time. What that time is should be more apparent to you than me. I don’t work in a hospital.

I know that many people are terrified of needles and having their blood drawn, to which I am sympathetic, but having a good reason to say this word should be enough to make up for it.

I also like to shorten it to ‘phleb’, which is a perfect exclamation for situations where ‘ham’ is too offensive. I don’t think the letters in phleb stand for anything, so I will fix that as soon as possible. Parakeet Heretic Laboriously Exasperating Brewery perhaps. I would put a single drop of my own blood in every keg. Did you know that alcoholic beverages are not required to list ingredients? This means I could make beer with human blood AND heretical pet birds (that are exasperated for some reason.)

I am not sure how many favorite words I am going to write about, but it’s a topic I like, so I’ll continue for now.

Blood Donation

Blood Donation (Photo credit: Rojina)


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