Favorite Word #6: Gespenst


It occurred to me while typing this (about 6 seconds ago) that someone reading this might think I am making some sort of Top 10 list of words. I have nothing against ranking lists, but I do not make them. It is almost, but not quite the same as cannibalism in that way. I refrain from these activities for different reasons, but you get the idea.

Back on topic, today’s word is ‘gespenst.’ I mentioned in an earlier post that I am very limited in my Japanese language skills. In comparison, I am nearly 100% lacking in comprehension and usage of German. I would not be able to use ‘gespenst’ in a sentence, but I do know what it means: ghost.

Ghosts, as you surely know, are considerably more awesome than you and I. I should not need to explain why, so I won’t. The problem here is that the word ‘ghost’ sounds kind of dull. Say it in German though and everything is better. The ‘s’s, I think, sound more like ‘sh’s, which combined with other consonants sound better than most things. Correct me if I’m wrong on that.

I learned of this amazing word from a Japanese video game, in which it was the name for a type of giant pilot-able robot. It looks like this:

I doubt that you are interested, but if you want to know more about the strategy role playing game series it is from, you can click here.

For the rest of you (who probably don’t exist), have a day and enjoy something.


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