Another weird dream


Charcoal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This one wasn’t that traumatizing, compared to the last I wrote here about. It was just odd, but not really that either. I think it’s significant only in that I still remember it, which rarely happens with dreams.

I was in a store of some kind in some place other than Boston. I was trying to carry a bag of something out of the store, but it was too big and kept getting stuck on things. I remember that I did not know what was in this bag, though I must have bought it some-how. After a long period of failure (I think I might have fallen over at least once), I got the bag out of the store. Only then, I could see a label on it: charcoal. I don’t think this really needs interpreting, but I’m going to anyway, just for fun.


1. It was a bag of charcoal and it was too big.

2. The bag contained the dream it was a part of, including itself. Trying to carry it outside was my mind trying to wake up. I did wake up after I got outside and read the label.

3. It was a bag of charcoal and it was too big and if I had not woken when I did, it would have been used to cook the whole world.

4. The bag contained a dream, but not the same dream. It was filled with the dream you are having right now. When you are done reading this, you must cook something over charcoal or you will be trapped in the bag of dreams forever.


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