The Chain Letter of Doom: Part Eight: The Chain Letter of History


It was such a relief to Elodie because this was exactly what she was told to expect by Professor Felippe, the leprechaun under her bed who had taught her the secrets of apocalypse prevention, but only for things like this. He and Chtorgvinektonug had been good friends many lifetimes ago, long before the first humans crawled out of their bogs and started breathing air.


Their friendship had soured around the same time that Chtorgvinektonug had discovered pudding and began using it to take over the world. This primordial proto-pudding tasted a bit different than the dessert now made by modern cooks. Historians believe that it was much less sweet and somehow contained even more evil.

English: Kheer

English: Kheer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like most leprechauns, Felippe had been quite greedy in his youth, but large pots of gold and sugary cereal were enough. If Chtorgvinektonug wanted to turn himself into a blasphemous muncher of worlds and bringer of dooms, that was his business and Felippe would not join him.


From then on, the two have fought an unending war of anti-friendship. The story of that war is known to few and told by fewer. Suffice it to say, you will not hear about it right now.



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