The Chain letter of Doom: Part Ten: No Chapter Title


Just as she feared, the peacefully slumbering hell-beast jerked into alertness as soon as the utensil touched the sticky, sweet, pool of madness. It was as if Chtorgvinektonug and the pudding were telepathically linked, which in fact, they were.

Next, a low growl filled the air from all directions. Elodie choked with terror as she realized she was already surrounded by a pack of fourteen disgruntled wolves, each with the face of Bill Cosby*. They snarled and snapped and told funny jokes that distracted the heroine of rainbows and justice from her Sisyphean, but necessary task. Not that it would make much difference. She, and by extension, we, were already doomed.

Bill Cosby

shapeshifting wolf-demon (Photo credit: fuzzcat)

But then instinct kicked in and it kicked hard.



*The comedian and spokesman for the unknowable forces of doom was secretly one of a species of shape-shifting wolf-demon who was  to born solely to popularize pudding in North America in preparation for this ceremony. Elodie misrecognized the faces as his because she had only seen one of them before and because she is racist against shapeshifting wolf-demons.


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