The Chain Letter of Doom: Part Something Else: The end of the middle of the end


With one threat out of the way for the moment, Elodie returned her attention to the puppulent horror above her friends and below all standards of good doggy behavior.

Chtorgvinektonug had slowed his rapid pudding consumption and appeared to be a bit stunned if not in horrible pain. Perhaps Rika’s wolfsnack had not been authorized after all. Was that it?

No time to think, Elodie. Go back to saving the world. Yes. Rika was not our last hope, I am!

Maybe I should stop talking to myself without quotation marks and do something about this.

The beast continued whimpering as only a wildebeest/squid/bus/badger/hurricane can whimper, but also looked angrier and more determined than before. Soon, he would eat more pudding and the world be no more.

Professor Philippe, what should I do!

She did not expect an answer, but she got one anyway in the form of the wise old leprechaun himself. He then spoke:

“There is still hope, Elodie! I see that you cannot out-eat Chtorgvinektonug, but there is another way to defeat him.”

“Another way?!”

“Another way.”

“What is this other way?”

“You cannot consume this evil pudding, but it can still be neutralized with Anti-Pudding!”

“Where do I find Anti-Pudding? Also, why is it capitalized?”

“It isn’t capitalized, you just see it that way because it’s important. And you have to make it yourself.”


“You must use the ancient and sacred Leprechonian recipe that I’m about to give you.”

“Hurry up and tell me then! Chtorgvinektonug will be back at full eating power soon.”

“Patience, I’m getting to it. I know it as a rhyme to help me remember:

a large swathe of nog

four handfuls of fog

and nine blintzes from a bog.

Mix inside a log

thus spake the Great Blog”

“I don’t have any of those things! Also, what is the Great Blog?”

“You ask too many irrelevant questions. And you can find all those ingredients at your local Loblaws.”


Loblaw (Photo credit: taestell)


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