The Chain Letter of Doom: Part Last

Riverbottom weekend

Riverbottom weekend (Photo credit: davef3138)

The trouble now was that the entrance to the Original Loblaws was still hidden and she was unaware that it was directly under her. She also didn’t know which way was down or up. If she had brushed away a little dirt from the river bottom, the world would have been saved.


Unfortunately, good ideas like that are most often thought by brains owned by people who are good at breathing oxygen. At this moment, Elodie had only water available, of which breathing is a bad idea in itself. She tried to breathe it and the world was not saved.

Instead, it became completely overwhelmed by delicious pudding and every living soul died a delicious death. Even Rika, who probably would have wanted it that way.

The wise leprechauns of Leprechonia tried to slow the sticky and sweet doom, but only a hero or heroin in qualified to combine the ingredients of Anti-Pudding and leprechauns can only be supporting characters. Knowing, at last, that there was nothing more to be done, they followed a rainbow to the Moon, where they still live today.

And so, the story ends with this lesson: Do not ever follow the instructions given by a chain letter.


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