Murdersocks: Aftersocks: 1: In which things are explained and a traveling companion is found

Donkey Hoadie

(Photo credit: steve goddard)

Great day to you! Now that I am free of the socks, I can say nice things like that. Also, congratulations on finding the latest bench I have visited. The “Prologue Bench” probably should have told you how to find it more easily, but I didn’t think of it at the time.

It remains true and correct that benches are the best thing to write on. I understand that it is a less convenient medium than some, but words written on paper or typed into a word-machine are lacking in a certain quality that I think is essential to tell my (all entirely too true) tales. I call this quality “benchiness” and it can only be achieved through knife-on-bench writing.

Someday, another being may transcribe this tale into another form, and it will still be important and necessary to read, but I assure you, it will not be benchy. To aid in your comprehension of all this, I will be labeling each bench with a number. For example, this bench, which I found in the village of Tremsil, is called 1. I plan to stay here for a short time and then continue to Rooster’s Edge, where I hear there is an existing audience for baked goods.
In other me-related news, I found a feral donkey and adopted it. The donkey’s smile reminded me of my beloved late grandmother, so I named it after her. I never actually knew my grandmother and I wouldn’t have called her by her real name if I had, but Grandmother didn’t seem like a proper donkey name, so Thrumplestance it was.
Thrumplestance now carries all of my possessions (the bench-knife, the recently baked murdersocks, and an assortment of assorted knacks and knicks.) It is a tremendous improvement over my old hat-sack.


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