Thought of the day: 7/23/13


First, I am aware that I have not posted many thoughts or opinions lately here. Please know that I have at least one of them daily. I don’t share most of them because they are either boring or potentially dangerous. Today’s thought might fit in the first box, but probably not the second. You decide.

I was looking at a restaurant menu online and observed that they have chili, which is a good thing because I like chili. I also observed that they call their chili ‘famous’, which inspired today’s thought. Thinking back to other menus that I have read, I remember quite a lot of ‘famous chilis’. In fact, I would not be too surprised to learn that there are no non-famous restaurant chilis. The scariest part is that these rarely cite sources to back up this claim (much like this post). Aren’t there laws against that? 

In my opinion, dishonest menu-makers, and probably myself should be held accountable for their antitruths, spurities, and falsalisms. What will I do about it? Not telling.


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