My poetry book is slightly updated


My poetry book is slightly updated

Poems for Insects is now formatted a little bit better and has one more poem. I’ve written others since then, but they are being saved for Poems for Bacteria, which is due for release at some non-specific date in the future.

If you already own PfI, you should be able to download the update for free. If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend you get it, but I wrote it so I am biased. Please make this decision yourself.


7 thoughts on “My poetry book is slightly updated

  1. I just downloaded your book from Amazon. I recently received a performance based raise at work, so I could spring for the 2.99 to read your poems even though you provide many here for free. Since your collection of poems on Amazon currently has a five star review, I felt confident it was something I should like because at least two other people gave the impression it was something I should like.

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