The Legend of Shreena the Shrimp Wizard – part 1


Fire shrimp are so named because they are red and so is fire. They are also sometimes called blood shrimp for the same reason. Telling you this was probably unnecessary because you already know that shrimp and fire have nothing to do with each other. This is just common sense and is generally true. Also true is the fact that common sense is sometimes wrong. Such was the case with Shreena the Shrimp Wizard.

Shreena was born 400 shrimp-years ago in Switzerland, under a rock. She hatched from her egg along with some number of siblings, though unfortunately, shrimp historians cannot count and no one knows what that number was. What is known is that none of them had names as was the tradition in that fire shrimp family. Shreena would later name herself, but that part of the story comes later.


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