The Legend of Shreena the Shrimp Wizard – part 2


It was in her eighth shrimp-year that the future Shreena noticed she could do things that the other fire shrimp could not. Like the others, she spent most of her time eating algae off the rocks, plants, and clear plastic walls that made up Switzerland. What she couldn’t understand was why the others were not cooking their algae first. It made it taste so much better. Could it be, she thought, that heating things was not an option for them? That train of thought was lost when she noticed a scary looking green betta fish swimming overhead. She ran behind a fake leaf where it was safe. Bettas were almost as much of a danger as mantis shrimp, as everyone knows.

Some time later, it was a Tuesday. The Fire Shrimp Soon to be Known as Shreena did not know this at the time, but important things happen on Tuesday. The important thing that happened on this Tuesday was her noticing the words “important things happen on Tuesday” written on the underside of a rock. It was a rock she had seen many times, but it was only on this day that she noticed the writing and only on this day that she knew how to read. The writing, in the secret shcript of the mantis shrimp, was written in a color only they could see. Until today.
“I can read mantis shcript!” She exclaimed, not quite knowing what that meant, but knowing it anyway. She looked at other rocks and read other things.

Unbeknownst to most of the life swimming through it, this corner of Switzerland had been used as a library of secret knowledge by the mantis shrimp for generations. They used all this knowledge to rule the tank without the tank even knowing it was ruled. Only the Dry Gods of the Outside, the ones who built Switzerland, could challenge their absolute control. TFSStbKaS was shocked by what she read, but also determined to make use of it.


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