That New Coffee Shop That is Everywhere Pt 1

Excerpt from
March 12, 2018
Hello, Coffeefans! I’m Coffeefidel and I started this blog for people like us who love coffee.
I have loved coffee for as long as I can remember and probably before I was born. Most kids hate the taste of coffee, but I drank a sippy cup full of the stuff (decaf of course) every morning. On my ninth birthday, my parents gave me a bag of regular coffee beans, which is still my happiest childhood memory. The other kids thought I was strange, but that was OK. Coffee was my friend and you can’t normally drink your friends, so in many ways, it was better.
As I know you know, the best cup of coffee is a cup you make yourself because you can control every aspect of the production to your own taste. The perfect cup has a different temperature, severity, viscosity, velocity, and flange for every Coffeefan and you can’t trust any Strombicks barista to follow your directions just right. Nonetheless, I like going to coffee shops. Coffee shops are where I do most of my writing and in fact I am in one right now. It’s an interesting new shop that for some reason I can’t remember the name of at the moment. It’s already a big chain with locations all over my city and probably yours (I won’t tell you where I am, but this shop is everywhere). I think I will visit a few more locations before I give them a full review on The Coffeefanblog. I may even resist the urge to bring my own coffee and test theirs. Look forward to that and remember to never stop dripping!

2 thoughts on “That New Coffee Shop That is Everywhere Pt 1

  1. vvorf

    The moment we stop dripping is the moment that we start dying our teeth white in vain hopes of reversing the stain of truth

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