Untitled Poem

(read aloud when surrounded by sheep, sheepdogs, or other wooly organisms)
I don’t see what I believe
I don’t believe what I see
I don’t think you should grieve
over what it might be
The rain falls on dryness
my teeth become ice
the ice steams to skyness
would you like some more lice?
Soup is not soon
just as bees are not meaty
it pools on the moon
while it dreams of graffiti
The dreams of the soup
fall to earth with the rain
and it moves in a loop
because it is a brain
The brain that is rainy
soup dreams from the sky
may find wheat is grainy
not at all like a lie
I see what I believe
I don’t believe what I see
I think I will grieve
over what it might be

The Story of Ed: An introduction


This is something I started writing about a year ago when I was bored.  It isn’t nearly finished, but I think I’m going to share it here because you’re probably bored too.  I will post one paragraph each day until either the story ends or I die.


This wall is brown
and it has a painting
on it
they feed people here
because they have to
it’s a restaurant