Progress Report on Monster Hunt


I have returned from my journey in distant lands and since I’ve been back, I’ve identified the monster. With some assistance, I’ve also found how it enters my home every night.

English: The Sando aqua monster was a massive ...

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Was it a small goat? A raccoon? A beaver? Sadly, the truth is much more boring than I expected. It seems to be a mouse or possibly mice and the hole in my wall (which was hidden behind the heating vent) is now patched up with some kind of foam. I’m told it will soon be eaten through as well, but in two weeks, the Pest Controller will stop by with better foam. This kind can also be eaten, but is more poisonous. I do not like poisoning things, but this thing is keeping me awake at night and sleep deprivation can be deadly, so the poison foam will be used for self defense.


Some stuff for your to look at with your eyes


I made these a few years ago with Maya, which I sadly no longer have a legal license to use because I had the Student Edition and I am no longer a student. I am starting to teach myself Blender, which is free. It may take a while, but should be worth doing. I will post what I make here.

What I will now do and why it is that I will now do it – 1


Yesterday is a day much like most other days and much unlike many more. That last sentence was written in present tense because yesterday will be with me long after that 24-hour span has passed (which it already has) and writing it in past tense would deny it’s continuing continuity. And that would be wrong.

You see, my invisible or nonexistent reader, yesterday is the day that I am ordered by a glass of water to write more blog updates. More specifically, I will write one update for each day that passes between now and the day on which 30 updates have been updated.

I do not know why or how this glass of water spoke to me, but until I find out, I will blindly follow its instructions and hope it does not ask me to do anything impossible, disagreeable, or otherwise not.

The Story of Ed


Once, some time ago, there was an Ed.  In this world, there have previously been two billion Eds and there are at least 191,023 Eds alive today.  Ed never was and still isn’t a rare name, but no two Eds are exactly alike.  Hypothetically, identical twin Eds could be nearly alike, but not many parents would give two siblings the same name, even if they weren’t twins.  It would be too confusing.  I guess there may be some parents out there that would consider it for the convenience of only having to yell one name when asking all their children to do something, but even then, the many disadvantages would probably outway that bit of usefulness and drive those parents to change their minds.

About this place


Hello, my probably imaginary visitors.   You probably think this is a blog.   I assure you that it is not. You know you can trust me because I am now telling you that you can. Probably.
As you should know already from having read the title, you are in the slowest elevator that ever was and ever will be.   It is going someplace, but not even I know where.  If you know, please leave a comment.
While you are waiting for the doors to open, I will entertain you with stuff from my head.   Originally, this was going to be about poetry, but now it will probably be about many things.  Whatever I think of will be what you will have the option to read, look at, and or think about and respond to.  I encourage you to do all or none of those things.
I have never built an elevator with WordPress before, but I’ve heard good things about it, so I have high hopes for this place.
I will post something more interesting later.