Today’s experiment… Failed


Moving my blog to Blogspot seemed like a good idea at the time, but I think I like WordPress better. I was getting far more page views over there, but no comments from anyone. Also, the templates weren’t as good.

Therefore, I will move my new posts back here and probably stop using the other one. There are not many new posts because I’ve been busy with other things. Those other things will likely be posted about here very soon. Probably by me.

edit: I felt the need to change something, so now the theme is different.


Daily Prompt: Ebb and Flow by michelle w. – Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog — but three years in the future.


Hello again, all y’all horseshoer friends!

Modern horseshoes are most commonly made of st...

Today marks exactly three years since my blog morphed into a full-time horseshoe blog. It has been an enlightening and humbling experience to learn and share this art with my readers, especially since I have still never shoed a real horse.

I think I’d be good at it, having blogged about it for so long and shoeing thousands upon tens of virtual horses in my favorite computer game, Horse-Shoer Fun Time Simulator 2016 ++. I know there is much more to learn about this trade and I am eager to continue my studies. New and stronger shoe materials are discovered every year as are new methods that a shoer must remain on top of or risk being left in the dust.

By the end of 2019, I intend to be so knowledgeable that horses seek me out for their shoes without even being lead here. Of course, they will have to bring their own materials and tools for me to use, and this will be hard without hands, but I will make sure its worth their while.

I look back on the day when this blog was about short fictions, poetry, and my own opinions, and I feel only self-disgust. Horseshoes are what I was born to blog about and I am glad I understand that now.

New Blog

Jazz Realities

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This was originally meant to be a place for my creative writings and not much else. I had hoped to make it pretty much anonymous, but this didn’t work for a few reasons. Mainly because things happen in life and I was unable to completely ignore them on TSoaPE.

I’ve decided to make a new blog that is actually about me. This one will continue, but it will stop being polluted with reality (which is inferior to most non-realities). I will not link to the new blog here, but if you know me, you should be able to find it.

Going back to one post per day (probably)


Yes, I might do that.

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This may or may not be the beginning of it.

The last time I did it, I got lots of words online, but was unhappy with the overall quality of them. This time, I can hopefully avoid that by spending more time and effort on each post. I am not setting a duration and will end this whenever I run out of ideas. At that point, I will attempt to eat my own head. I don’t think this has been done before and whether I succeed or fail, it will make a good story that I can post the next day.

I am currently working on another revision of Murdersocks so that I can publish it in downloadable ebook form (which I’ve just learned is easy to do through Amazon).

It will be followed by other things. No one will buy them, but the fact that someone could buy them should help me trick myself into thinking I have a job. In theory, it will continue from there.