My poetry book is slightly updated


My poetry book is slightly updated

Poems for Insects is now formatted a little bit better and has one more poem. I’ve written others since then, but they are being saved for Poems for Bacteria, which is due for release at some non-specific date in the future.

If you already own PfI, you should be able to download the update for free. If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend you get it, but I wrote it so I am biased. Please make this decision yourself.


Book coming less soon than I had thought


For multiple reasons, it is not yet quite ready.

In typing that, it now occurs to me that I never specified a date that it would be ready, so anyone reading this will not have expectations for me to break. I will call this a good thing.

My Poetry book will be e-published soon

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...

Cover via Amazon

I’ve kind of half-mentioned it here, but I don’t think I actually said what I was doing.

I will be self publishing a compilation of my poetry that you may have already seen here on The Slowest of All Possible Elevators. Some of it will probably be edited and improved upon while some and/or all might be kept the same as before.

At least to begin with, this book will only be available on Kindle and through Amazon. I had a good reason for deciding that at some point, though I don’t remember exactly what that was. Definitely though, I want to start with electronic formats. Price and stuff like that is also not yet decided, but it will be cheap.

Also soon.

Another report on self/resolutions


I think I’m almost there. My health is mostly back to normal and my previous estimates of my book taking much longer were most likely not real, which I am posting here so I can’t use it as an excuse anymore…


Gaining  600 pounds was never really a thing, but no-one thought it was, so I’m just typing because I like typing and have felt like doing it.


Breakdown of the 61 country-specific UN Genera...

Breakdown of the 61 country-specific UN General Assembly resolutions passed by the 61st General Assembly session (2006-2007) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Happy whatever and bye for now