That New Coffee Shop That is Everywhere Pt 2

March 14, 2018
Hello, Coffeefans! Welcome back to Coffeefidel’s Coffeefanblog, where I want to continue telling you about this new coffee shop chain that for some reason I can never remember the name of after I look away from the sign. They must have a really unmemorable name, but I’m happy to report they do know their coffee! The last time at the first location, I gave the barista my seven-page instruction pamphlet for making my cappuccino precisely like I do and she actually followed it! And this time, I was served by someone who made it exactly the same way! I thought she looked sort of similar too, but that must be my imagination. After all, purple eyed people are unusual so it’s easy to misremember any two as looking more like each other than they really do.
Anyway, the cappuccino was so good, I immediately decided to order eight more cups (not made all at once, of course. Cappuccino is only good for for 60 seconds at most).
It is a bit weird how all of these shops appeared so quickly. If memory serves, even Strombicks and Donkin Dünits took a few years to be (seemingly) everywhere. Not that I mind. This coffee shop is best!
The two locations I have been to so far have looked identical on the inside. They are spacious hexagonal rooms with a big fluffy green chairs and lots of incredibly flat tables. You have to see them for yourself! They are so flat! Sadly, there never seem to be enough tables for everyone who wants one. It’s funny, there are never lines outside, but the inside is always full of people. And the buildings don’t look six-sided on the outside. They must have one really talented interior decorator! I just finished my fifth fantastic cappuccino and now I’m looking at the art on the walls. It’s like nothing I have ever seen! So indescribably artistic! There are colors I didn’t know my eyes were capable of seeing! I can’t quite tell what this painting is supposed to represent, but it takes all my willpower to look away from it and write more.
On second thought, that’s enough writing for today. I’m going to finish drinking these coffees and study this art some more. Look forward to more coffeefanblog soon and never stop dripping!