The Best Song Written about Cat Food This Month So Far by Anyone


Capital letters mean emphasis; more letters mean longer sound

Caaat FOOD
Is a food for cats
And they eat this FOOD
Although it’s not rats

Caaat FOOD
is eaten by cats
And they won’t say thanks
‘Cause cats don’t do that

caaat FOOOOD!

It’s just long enough a cat food commercial


A cautionary tale of some other family’s holiday party

Stomach Ache microbe

Image by nickstone333 via Flickr

I’ve already forgotten
the mushrooms au gratin
and you’ve all remembered that

Nobody remembered
to wash out the blender
although you remembered the cat

Your cat just sits still
and gets fed by Fitz-Bill
who shouldn’t be wearing that hat

If he keeps feeding
and Myrtle keeps reading
his stomach may go ‘splat’

And none would be thankful for that.