Plan for the future

Sėla village, Utena district, Lithuania

Sėla village, Utena district, Lithuania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It may look like I’m not doing anything here, but it is not so.

I am working on a new short story; possibly longer than my usual. I am not posting much about about it because it is mostly just a sack of ideas that need to stew in my head for a little while before becoming something tangible. The end result may take time, but will surely revolutionize the world.


One who blogs about narwhals and cheeses

Langres (cheese)

Langres (cheese) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

may see a sudden increase in visitors.


Therefore, it is tempting to write about these topics exclusively.




It never ends well. It sometimes ends blubbery.


It is hard to STOP



That which you think is cheese is probably cheese


But you still shouldn’t eat it unless you’re sure. It might be a narwhal; and those are hard to chew.


I Am the Cheese

Cheese waits for no one.


Not many are as fast as cheese, but be ever unafraid to pretend to be.

Cheese will always outrun you, but can in some cases be tricked into slowing down.

If you succeed, make a sandwich.

Leicester Cheese 1 (Piotr Kuczynski)

Leicester Cheese 1 (Piotr Kuczynski) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lack and the Potato Mine: Introduction

Cover of "Jack and the Beanstalk" fr...

Image via Wikipedia

This unfinished story is my attempt to re-imagine the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk.  I don’t actually remember Jack and the Beanstalk very well, but I think I know the basic idea well enough to ‘improve’ upon it.

I will post a little bit at a time, so hopefully it will be finished by the time I’m done posting it.  We will see.