What I’ve been doing lately


It may appear that I have been asleep for the past few months, but that is not the case. I have been doing less writing, which is unfortunate, but my good ideas have mostly gone in other directions. The most significant is that now as well as sometimes writing things, I sometimes also make things through 3D printing.

I’ve been teaching myself to use a 3D modeling program called Blender, which seems well suited for this task.

So far, the main thing I’ve done with it is to design a chess set. Like other chess sets, it gives you the capability to play chess, but it also has a unique feature: The rook looks sort of like a rook instead of like a castle! The other pieces are nice too, I hope. You may decide:


Rook 1



This isn’t writer’s block.


Nor is it love. I don’t think, at least.

I have lots of ideas for how this story will end, but it’s taking a while to sort them and pick the ones that both make sense and I like.

I have a feeling I will end up writing multiple endings and letting readers choose their favorite. But then again, I might not.

Thanks for your your patience and continue maintaining up the excellent function while you wait.

Another thought-provoking spam


“It’s between those two places that the most remarkable, creative ideas are found. Like flying in an airplane, or using a phone that can connect to the Internet wirelessly, or being able to change the course of history with just a few words.”

This one has even more subtlety and possible meaning than most of the blog spam I receive (which is usually highly meaningful already). It my even be beyond my intellectual abilities to make sense of it.

Between which two places do they mean? The comment was in response to o post about automatic reminders, so I guess it must be the place of being reminded to do something and the place of being reminded to not do something.

In my case, the reminder to “blog nothing” was definitely more effective in motivating me to blog something. I wonder if I made a new reminder “between those two places” I could do even better. I think I’ll try that.

The examples of “the most remarkable, creative ideas” are also unexpected and therefore remarkable. Is flying a plane or using a phone really that creative? I’ve never really thought about this question, but this spammer believes it to be so, so I will continue pondering it.

The last example, “being able to change the course of history with just a few words,” I mostly understand. The ideas that change history are inarguably remarkable and creative. Is it the words or the ability to change history with them that matters, though? I think it must be both.

The Fluffy Grey Chess Board of Sleep or Death

English: Pictogram for Chess Category:Chess images

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Beyond black and white and grid patterns of being
is a fluffy gray blur that we might not be seeing
it is hard to play chess on
but we are all free to try.
it is easy to sleep on
I hope we won’t die.

Opinion #2 of 9


Chess is one of the few games that is more fun online than against someone in the same room.  You have as much time to plan as you need and you have a significantly lower chance of getting punched in the face.  You should use the green rectangle in the right sidebar to challenge me.

note:  The above video should not distract you from the green rectangle in the right sidebar.  It is included because it’s related to chess.