Ice cream is a feeling: terror


I learned of this from Boingboing yesterday and it will haunt me forever.


I think this is amazing and genius and never want to watch it or eat ice cream ever again.


One who blogs about narwhals and cheeses

Langres (cheese)

Langres (cheese) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

may see a sudden increase in visitors.


Therefore, it is tempting to write about these topics exclusively.




It never ends well. It sometimes ends blubbery.


It is hard to STOP



CfPUiSL: The Fishbox


Welcome to Jandley’s Fork. It’s a rural town too small and insignificant to have any need for a real tour guide, so you’ll have to do with me. You can call me Sturjmond if you like. Otherwise, don’t.

While things of interest to visitors rarely happen here in the Fork, things do happen. Recently, things have been happening because of (or just nearby) a certain glass box. This box is completely full of water and contains a fish, which might be why folks call it the Fishbox.

It has no openings, so many have wondered just how the fish got in there and how it can live with no food or water replacement. It just floats there, happy as a fish and no one knows how or why. I, an amateur tour guide, do not think it is my place to speculate on the matter. I’ll leave that to the oceanographers and since Jandley’s Fork is 7,000 kilojimbles inland, there aren’t any.  So that, along with the Fishbox’s improbably light weight, will remain a mystery.

On many things being you

(read in singsongy voice at mail-sorting room of your local post office)
Be your own baby
you must parent it well
if you teach it all you know
you will grow up swell
you can be your own dinner
but i don’t recommend it
it may make you a winner
but you also might bleed to death
if you are your own cat
you may get confused
if you do catch a rat
have you been used?
If you are many things
many things will be you
we could try to list them all
but we might turn blue