Monster hunt update


As I feared, while Sturbwin is gone, many others have followed. I removed the remaining glue traps because they are mean and I don’t like being mean. I don’t think any mice will live much longer because of this, but I will not be the one hurting them now.


Maybe they will get bored of not finding food (it’s better hidden now) and leave.


Farewell Sturbwin


Nearly a month into his nocturnal siege on my kitchen and my sanity, the monster has been apprehended by a sticky piece of cardboard.

I am hopeful that others do not follow in his malevolently mousey footsteps, but only time will tell.

Lincoln's funeral on Pennsylvania Ave. (LOC)

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Fewer lies


I’ve decided that I’m probably not actually losing my mind. It was a result of thinking too much about what to write here and not doing enough other activities. I am now happily distracted from my problems and everything is OK.

I have seen the mouse that has been entering my apartment and keeping me awake while causing strangely little physical damage. It is not invisible; just very small. I have named it Sturbwin, which is a stupid name that I will never use for anything else.

Little Lies

I hate Fleetwood Mac almost as much as Sturbwin.


Progress Report on Monster Hunt


I have returned from my journey in distant lands and since I’ve been back, I’ve identified the monster. With some assistance, I’ve also found how it enters my home every night.

English: The Sando aqua monster was a massive ...

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Was it a small goat? A raccoon? A beaver? Sadly, the truth is much more boring than I expected. It seems to be a mouse or possibly mice and the hole in my wall (which was hidden behind the heating vent) is now patched up with some kind of foam. I’m told it will soon be eaten through as well, but in two weeks, the Pest Controller will stop by with better foam. This kind can also be eaten, but is more poisonous. I do not like poisoning things, but this thing is keeping me awake at night and sleep deprivation can be deadly, so the poison foam will be used for self defense.