The funniest appearance by narwhals in a comedic thing.


The Internet loves narwhals and as much as it pains me to say this, funny Internet narwhals are usually not very funny. Even this example that I am showing you is not that funny. However there are other funny things on that site and you should look at it. You’ve probably seen some of them already if you are an Internet person.


Weebl! (Photo credit: Beny Shlevich)


One who blogs about narwhals and cheeses

Langres (cheese)

Langres (cheese) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

may see a sudden increase in visitors.


Therefore, it is tempting to write about these topics exclusively.




It never ends well. It sometimes ends blubbery.


It is hard to STOP



That which you think is cheese is probably cheese


But you still shouldn’t eat it unless you’re sure. It might be a narwhal; and those are hard to chew.


I Am the Cheese

Yesterday’s no-effort filler post was unexpectedly popular, so here’s this.


Crawdad Hern Noll is a small town in central Idaho. It is unknown how it got its name as it contains no crawdads, nolls, or herns. Even so, most residents are fiercely proud of the inexplicable label and all efforts to rename it are quickly voted down.

Larch Wonderland is a now-abandoned theme park in Raachushima, Japan. It was built in 1987 when larches were the hot tree that everyone had to climb and the park was an instant success. Unfortunately for it’s creators, the Norway Spruce mania of ’89 rendered Larch Wonderland passé and it was forced into bankruptcy. It is claimed by some to be haunted by a lost tourist who loved the trees so much that he forgot to eat, sleep, or find his way out.

Anarch Dell Drown is a kindergarten teacher in Crawdad Hern Noll, Idaho. She is 44 years old and enjoys gravy.

Cold Narwhal Nerd is the popular nickname of the alleged lost tourist who now wanders Larch Wonderland as a ghost. He is so named because as well as larches, he was said to be obsessed with narwhals and because Raachushima is covered in snow for five months of the year.

The Harn Lawn Coddler was an invention of Samuel B Harn, an esteemed landscaper from Rawmarsh, England. First produced in 1842, it was sold throughout the world for two decades before it was deemed too dangerous for proper lawn coddling and recalled. To this day, it is unknown what was wrong with it or even what it was originally intended to do. Historians speculate that it had something to do with larches.