Aftersocks: 2.5: In which a long nap is completed


Sleeper (Photo credit: 21limited)

When I awoke, I observed that my shoes were untied and were dusty with unrain. Unrain is not dust, but dust often accompanies it, as apparently had occurred while I slept. It must have been a very deep sleep for me not to have noticed the unrain and I cannot guess how long I was out. Long enough that I felt refreshed and ready to keep going.
I tied my shoes (I wonder how they got untied) and checked my supplies. There was nothing edible left for either me or my donkey, unless of course, I decided to eat Thrumplestance herself. I would not consider that option until it became absolutely necessary and decrouched it from my mind.
And so, we again began walking through the thick air. I followed the vague figure, who hopefully was still East of where I had started and standing still. Why he was standing still would be apparent soon.


Goodbye Wald


I no longer live in the obstreperous wald


and I’ve probably remembered it wrong


few of my neighbors today are not bald


and they write much better songs.








Wald almost rhymes with many things


Slonson and Bonson are not very bold

and one of them is very old

which one it is will not be told

in or out of the obstreperous wald.


Is this topic getting old?


To bury a bear,

one must be bold

above or below

the obstreperous wald

Further Obstreperence


Slonson and Bonson did bury the bear

who mauled the man with too much hair

Slonson and Bonson are common names

beneath the obstreperous wald.