My poetry book is slightly updated


My poetry book is slightly updated

Poems for Insects is now formatted a little bit better and has one more poem. I’ve written others since then, but they are being saved for Poems for Bacteria, which is due for release at some non-specific date in the future.

If you already own PfI, you should be able to download the update for free. If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend you get it, but I wrote it so I am biased. Please make this decision yourself.


2013 Resolutions Progress Report


I know most people don’t stick to their New Year resolutions, but I intend to this year and blogging about it will keep me accountable to my words, my thoughts, and whatever else is necessary.

First, I resolved (without telling anyone) to gain six hundred pounds by the end of the year. Despite my best efforts, I think I’m going fail this one. If you know me, you’ve probably noticed that I’m a pretty small guy and I think I can probably make it to 400 lbs at best. Experts say that obesity is a bad thing, so this failure would not be the worst thing that could happen.

That would be to not reach my second resolution, which is to publish something. I plan for it to be a self-published ebook of poetry from this blog, which should be very doable if I can just make myself sit down and put it together. If you know me, you’ve probably noticed that I almost never sit down, so this might actually be a challenge.

Please send positive thoughts to my success. If you must do this in the form of a prayer, pray to a deity of your own making. The regular ones aren’t very reliable.

The Chain Letter of Doom is finished at last!

Constructive Interference

Constructive Interference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now I just need to re-edit the whole thing for quality, consistancy, tone, and flavor; put the chapters in the right (or possibly wrong) order; write a new and improved ending; and turn it into an ebook that people can waste real money on! If you have been reading it in blog post form, please alert me of any mistakes that I may not have caught myself. Constructive criticism of non-technical things is also encouraged.



Going back to one post per day (probably)


Yes, I might do that.

English: brain storming an how to avoid head t...

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This may or may not be the beginning of it.

The last time I did it, I got lots of words online, but was unhappy with the overall quality of them. This time, I can hopefully avoid that by spending more time and effort on each post. I am not setting a duration and will end this whenever I run out of ideas. At that point, I will attempt to eat my own head. I don’t think this has been done before and whether I succeed or fail, it will make a good story that I can post the next day.

I am currently working on another revision of Murdersocks so that I can publish it in downloadable ebook form (which I’ve just learned is easy to do through Amazon).

It will be followed by other things. No one will buy them, but the fact that someone could buy them should help me trick myself into thinking I have a job. In theory, it will continue from there.