Accidentally poetic email spam I received this morning


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Another thought-provoking spam


“It’s between those two places that the most remarkable, creative ideas are found. Like flying in an airplane, or using a phone that can connect to the Internet wirelessly, or being able to change the course of history with just a few words.”

This one has even more subtlety and possible meaning than most of the blog spam I receive (which is usually highly meaningful already). It my even be beyond my intellectual abilities to make sense of it.

Between which two places do they mean? The comment was in response to o post about automatic reminders, so I guess it must be the place of being reminded to do something and the place of being reminded to not do something.

In my case, the reminder to “blog nothing” was definitely more effective in motivating me to blog something. I wonder if I made a new reminder “between those two places” I could do even better. I think I’ll try that.

The examples of “the most remarkable, creative ideas” are also unexpected and therefore remarkable. Is flying a plane or using a phone really that creative? I’ve never really thought about this question, but this spammer believes it to be so, so I will continue pondering it.

The last example, “being able to change the course of history with just a few words,” I mostly understand. The ideas that change history are inarguably remarkable and creative. Is it the words or the ability to change history with them that matters, though? I think it must be both.

Accidentally uplifting spam is the best


“Maintain up the excellent function” -spam comment I got recently. It’s purpose was probably to make me click an ad, but it brightened my day nonetheless.

Is this a common phrase I didn’t know about? Either way, I hope it becomes one soon. I will try to use it.

Example of SPAM Mail (Japanese)

Example of SPAM Mail (Japanese) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Inspirational Spam Comment


What is a Gaebull? I went to our local international market and saw a styrofoam container with water and? — Your Online Marketing Blueprint for Your Business

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A spoon containing breakfast cereal flakes, pa...

this is much less icky than gaebul.

I usually don’t look at the spam comments that get filtered out by WordPress, but today I did, and this comment immediately grabbed me.

What is Gaebull‽ I didn’t know, but I knew I had to find out, so I looked it up.

The closest I could find was 개불 (gaebul), a Korean word for a kind of (apparently delicious) marine spoon worm. I don’t know what could make a worm spoony either, but I did not try to find out because some things in this world should stay mysterious.

Opinion #32 of 9: Spam reconsidered

spam musubi

Image by chotda via Flickr

I once typed with these very seem fingers that spam comments were art and should and should not be filtered out. Since then, I have filtered out many spam comments because I have revised my opinion. Some such messages are still art and will still be approved here, but most are just links posted in hopes of ad revenue or worse. All sane bloggers already filter those out and so will I.

edit:  I probably shouldn’t have chosen a picture of an artistic use for spam with a post about spam being not artistic.  Please pretend it was deliberate irony.

Opinion #10 of 9: The packaged food industry should create more products for meatitarians



Veggie burgers are widely available and some of them are very good.  I ate one last night.  There are numerous other meat-free meat-like foods for anyone who wants them, and while I approve of this, I know deep down in my carnivorous heart that it’s just not fair.

Have you ever seen a tomato made of injection-molded Spam or a melon made of ground beef wrapped in leather?  I would never eat those things, but someone out there would and has the constitutional right to do so.  Meatitarians have made a hard decision by refusing to support those who would rip more living beings (and potential friends) out of the earth to feed the cruel and murderous appetites of the healthluttonous American family.  These meaty martyrs know full well that they won’t live as long as the rest, but they are willing to take a stand for what’s right.  Is it so much to ask for their local grocery store to help them achieve this goal?