A poem for tired mornings

If I were a box
I would be full of space
and that space would be
faster than Gary.
I don’t know any Garys
but I think it’s still true
that this space would be really quite fast.
It would swim with the camels
and cry with the bees
it would paint with enamel
and argue with fleas.
except that space does none of those things.

Recipe for Ultimate Truth (As dictated by my pet fish)

One boat full of toads
And two stoats that build roads
Blend with thistle and pork
And eight minutes of work
Gargle precisely and then paint on knees haphazardly.

That which you think is cheese is probably cheese


But you still shouldn’t eat it unless you’re sure. It might be a narwhal; and those are hard to chew.


I Am the Cheese

Opinion #9 of 9

Slepping Ural Owl (Close up)

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This post is terrible.

If you read only one blog entry this week, make sure it isn’t this one.  There is absolutely no reason for it to exist and the assertions it makes are wholly unsupported.  For example, no examples whatsoever are given for why what is said should be believed.  Some statements of fact given as evidence are plainly false.  For example, the suggestion that there are no examples is contradicted multiple times.  Furthermore, every sentence says basically the same thing in slightly different ways.  This would not have been worth the paper it will hopefully never be printed on.  It even has incorrect grammer and slepping. not to mention confusing use of tenses,  It used a photo of an owl to try to distract you from how unsubstantive it is; which won’t fool anyone.  But the main reason not to read this is that it ends abruptly without any